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Here at Naperville Exhaust Works,
your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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We offer unmatched expertise in working with vintage and classic cars

How skilled are we? Many local car dealers and private shops use us exclusively – they trust our work and count on our experience. We consider all options when we develop a service plan for your car. We have innovate ways to save you money such as fabricating a part rather than purchasing one from the manufacturer.

Trusted Automotive Services in Naperville since 1999

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We believe in providing quality work at a
reasonable cost and we pride ourselves on dealing with each customer with honesty and fairness. We do everything we can to make sure that you leave our hassle-free environment happy with the service that we provided you.

Lifetime Muffler Warranty

Our mufflers are guaranteed to perform for as long as you own your vehicle.* If the muffler fails during that time we will either replace the muffler or refund your original muffler purchase price if you have relocated out of the area. There is a one year warranty on labor and exhaust pipes that were part of your muffler installation. Any warranty work done after the first year will not include labor and exhaust pipes.

*Muffler replacement guarantee applies to most vehicles and does not cover damage associated with off-road use or construction vehicles. Warranty eligibility and coverage validity is at the sole discretion of Naperville Exhaust Works.